Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Kim Mitchell Day ????

Yes, yes I know my sporadic posting ended up being, in fact, a whole lot more non-existent than sporadic but in my defense I did spend the last few days shuffling my kids between just about all of the mini-putt venues of northern New York state.  I just got home from the "vacation" and well ... I'm fucking pooped.

Kim where are you??  I looked and looked (in other words I Googled it)

I know that I spent the better part of Canada Day driving home from the United States and that gave a very distinct Twilight Zone (not the pussy vampires) feeling to my Canada Day celebrations but holy hand grenades Batman ... no Kim Mitchell concert anywhere in Canada ... on Canada Day.  What the hell did I come home to ... some sort of alternate universe???  

What the hell happened?  Hasn't Mr. Mitchell played at a Canada Day celebration every year since confederation?  I thought Patio Lanterns was about John A Macdonald.
I checked the directory for the events taking place in Ottawa for Canada Day and the list of musical acts include a whack of people I've never heard of and the Barenaked Ladies.

  • Pre-show with Team Canada DJs (Que.) — DJ
  • Barenaked Ladies (Ont.) — Alternative rock
  • Isabelle Boulay (Que.) — Pop
  • Alex Cuba (B.C.) — Cuban
  • Johnny Reid (Ont.) — Country
  • Cadence Weapon (Alta.) — Urban
  • Dione Taylor (Sask.) — Jazz
  • Jean-François Breau  (N.B.) and Marie-Ève Janvier (Que.) — Pop
  • Marjo (Que.) — Rock
  • Andrea Lindsay (Ont.) — Pop
  • Blueprint Cru (Que.) — Dance
  • Christina Martin (N.S.) — Folk rock
  • Hey Rosetta! (N.L.) — Indie rock
  • Lucie Idlout (Nunavut) — Rock
  • Michael Kaeshammer (Ont.) — Jazz
  • Marie-Josée Lord (Que.) — Classical
  • Samian (Que.) — Hip hop
  • Wayne Lavallee (B.C.) — Folk
  • The Campbell Brothers (Ont.) — Traditional
  • Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir — Gospel
  • Rebecca Makonnen (Que.) — Host
I am not a wild party ... and apparently, neither is Ottawa.

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