Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here Comes Some Punishment

OK, I know you're thinking, " What the hell is funny about any of this".  Obviously not much.  I get it ... But It's just kinda mind numbing that we're always having to resort to even more violent and medieval means just to protect the most basic of human rights or conditions.

Now this is what I call a deterrent (obviously notwithstanding the fact of the whole evilness of the act itself).
The Rape-axe:
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"The Rape-aXe system consists of a latex sheath, which contains razor-sharp barbs. The device is worn in her vagina like a tampon. When the attacker attempts vaginal penetration the barbs attach themselves to the penis, causing great discomfort. The device must be surgically removed, which will result in the positive identification of the attacker and subsequent arrest"

This brought to you by someone from South Africa, the same place, I'm sure, not uncoincidentally, that gave us this wonderful anti-carjacking device.  Oh, and the Vuvusela.

At the end of the day anything that can stop/prevent/punish a rapist is an awesome thing.  Just don't forget that you're wearing it 'cause I'm pretty sure that it'll put a damper on just about any real "romantic interlude".

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