Monday, July 26, 2010

Son ... You Blew A .09 on the Apple Pie Meter

Here we go again.  I know that I'm gonna come off sounding like the crusty fart that I am, but seriously (I know) ...Nutmeg!!  
The hugely bored segment of the population, known as the teenager is once again (or more like continuously) on the hunt for anything that can provide any sort of a cheap high.

  Teens Using Nutmeg to Get High
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Again, what the hell was the genesis of this recreational adventure?  Was it chug the spices day at the frat house?  I guess it really must have sucked for the guy that ended up with the bottle of cayenne pepper.
Here's the scene:
It's a dark country road.  A cop sits inside his cruiser behind a badly lit billboard eating an old doughnut and drinking some cold coffee that's way past it's prime.  Suddenly, a car races by, weaving slightly and tooting it's horn.  Within seconds, the cop placed the lid back on his coffee and tossed the doughnut back into the box, all with a practiced precision, and screeches out after the offending car.  It takes only a kilometer or two for the cop to slide his car behind the target and a with quick flick of his lights and siren his intentions became quite clear.  The occupants of the car (an old Honda) took no time at all to decide that pulling over was obviously their best option.  With a over used-squeak, the door to the police car swung open and a very large police officer stepped out and adjusted his belt.  Casually, he moseyed up to the window of the offending Honda and tapped on the window with the butt of his flashlight.  Slowly, almost casually, the driver's window began to descend, unleashing the scent of apple pie, a Bob Marley song and two giggling teens.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... lock up your spice cabinets!!!

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