Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer Time Grind

Well, I think that I can officially say that summer has begun.  Today is the first of the "what the hell do I do with the kids today?" days.  School finished about 2 week ago, the family went on a short getaway road trip to Lake George, NY and we got through the 2 holidays that happen in Quebec.  Now, after the "frenzy" of the last 2 weeks, the wife is back at work and I'm feeling the familiar pressure.  After 5-ish months of "crappy" indoor type weather (not to mention the extremely shitty summer of rain that we had last year), I'm feeling a certain pressure or obligation to make the most out of every sunny summer day.  It seems that any day spent in sloth-like relaxation is somewhat of a waste (especially in the face of the ever-encroaching hibernation weather).
The kicker for today is that it is 31 degrees celcius and it feels like friggin' 41 degrees if you throw in the humidity (which you do 'cause that's what it feels like).  That's 89 and 106 degrees for our American friends.
All these numbers add up to the fact that on the (in essence) first day of the summer grind it's too goddamned hot to go outside.  
Yeah, I said it : Too Hot.  
I do realize that in six months from now I'm gonna be sitting in this same chair bitching about how cold it is outside but jumping Jesus on a pogo stick: 41 frikin' celcius ... I'm Canadian for fuck sake ... my blood is mostly beer and maple syrup.  I'm just not made for this kind of heat.  living in 6 months of colder weather just doesn't allow it.  My evolving has stalled.  I'm just not gonna wake up tomorrow with gills and an internal ice pack or a fan blowing out of my ass (various members of my family may contest the last part of that statement).
Hey kids, why don't we go outside and stick to the asphalt, then we can play last one back in the house doesn't get to rehydrate.

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