Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heads Up ... Whale!!??

Holy ... Cow (I mean whale).
I'm sure that anyone in a boat has at least one eye on the surroundings (I realize that I'm generalizing here 'cause there are boating collisions of all kinds occurring every day) looking for stuff like the huge cargo ship that's in the second picture.  One can assume that their minds would also be occupied with things like the weather, the water conditions, their location, the fish that they are trying to catch, the naked sunbathing chicks that are hopefully on deck, etc.  I'm pretty sure that at no time are they plotting their course, wondering how they're going to avoid the giant swimming 18 wheeler that might plow into their boat.

Photo by Cape Town Sailing Academy / Rex Features ( 1210427a ...Photo by Cape Town Sailing Academy / Rex Features ( 1210427e ...

Whale vs Yacht 

I wonder if someone's gonna get the idea to start putting out 'Whale Crossing' signs?

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