Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Seriously Starting To Think That Life Is Out To Get Me


Red wine, Whiskey, and Bourbon cause Migraines

Although this should come as no surprise 'cause I've been living with the consumption and  resulting migraines for what seems like forever, having a study spell it out really puts the crap in the crapper.  
The friggin' thing goes on to say that a compound called Tyramine, "found in fermented, pickled or smoked foods such as aged cheeses, beer, smoked fish, yeast extract, fermented soy products, sauerkraut and cured meats," is a trigger for migraines.  Like any average North American guy this shit makes up about 75% of my diet.  Throw in the problems with wine, beer, alcohol, bacon, coffee and MSG, I'm surprised that my head hasn't exploded.  
There really isn't anything enjoyable in life that won't cause you some kind of grief.  
I guess that I'm gonna have to keep up my intimate relationship with the bottle of Tylenol.

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