Monday, June 14, 2010

Vuvuzela ... Sounds Dirty

Here we are day 4 into the World Cup and while I haven't watched any game in it's entirety, I've seen enough bits and chunks to kinda know what's going on.  I'm gonna weigh in on the pressing topic of the moment: the controversial Vuvuzela.
I've seen/heard something like this before.  I'm familiar with the 4-ish foot long red horn that's we call a 4-ish foot long red horn.  At any local major league/big time sporting event that I've every been to usually has under a half dozen of these things being played at one time.  They seem to be the favoured instrument of the ridiculously drunk or the young child neither of which seems to have the stamina to conjure up anything but short bursts of the annoying blarps.  The noise ends up sounding more like an amplified gas release than anything else.  Not so inspirational I'm thinking ...
Back to the World Cup ...
(I'm gonna use a " What's up with that")
Let's say I was a fan from anywhere but South Africa. Is this my line of thinking?? ...
Ok, so I paid for my plane ticket from xxxxx, I got my hotel room(or a version of somewhere to stay), I bought my tickets to 1 or more matches, I'm sporting my countries' jersey, I've got beer money money and cash for football snacks and I'm at xxxxx game with my buddies (or mates ... however I run).  
Now for the next 90 minutes plus a few moments during half-time I'm gonna blow on this here horn, that sounds like a nest of sex addicted hornets, like I was gonna reinflate the Hindenburg.  WOOHOO !!! ...Go Team ... or BBBBBRRRUUUUUUZZZUUU (90 mins worth)!!!... Go Team
What's up with that?
I realize that the "everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I" defense has come into play but is destroying everyone's hearing in a slow deliberate fashion the best way to support your favorite team.  Why not just go ahead and Van Gogh your ears, get it over with and enjoy the game. (cranky old white guy moment)

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