Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Honey, I Frickin Lasered The Kids

For only $200 you ... YES YOU ... can own the home version a lightsabre.  Now I know what you're thinking, " Why the hell do I want another stupid toy that is nothing more than flashy lights and some buzzing noises."  But wait ... wait I tell you ... Oh fuck it ...
Spyder III Pro Arctic Series
What are these people thinking ??  This thing is a real portable laser ... for sale ... 
Not a blinky, blinky laser pointer type thingy but something that can seriously fuck you up.  What could the average joe possibly want with one of these things.  It's a wonderful gadget if you want a localized crazy gonzo tan in about 4 seconds or if you're looking to melt Smarties in an instant. "The 1watt tool, said to be the world’s most powerful portable laser, features a blue ray that is 1,000 times stronger than sunlight on skin."

Deadly 'Star Wars lightsabre' sold in UK

Wow ... I mean WOW ...  I realize that I come from a country that has pretty stiff gun control laws so maybe my opinion towards this thing is gonna be a little tainted, but the question that comes to mind is why?  I'll admit that I know nothing about lasers and I certainly don't know what the heck this one would be used for but I imagine that for every sciencey type use(good) there's probably gonna be a whack of instances when it'll be used for fucking around(evil).  We seem to be in an age where idiots abound (just check YouTube) and this seems to be another club in their golf bag of stupidity.
Don't forget your 2 year extended warranty for only $29.99.

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