Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy "If You're Not Pure Laine Then Fuck Off" Day

But I'm not bitter or anything ...
I still remember back, a whole boatload of years ago, when when I worked a summer job in a medical equipment warehouse.  It was a lovely summer day and there I was having an argument with a rather spirited and oh-so-enlightened wanna be biker native quebecois.  He was informing me, rather emphatically, that I wasn't really allowed to celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day because I spoke English ... you know, I wasn't a true quebecois, and therefore somehow ineligible ... never mind the fact that I was born in same friggin' province as he was.  
I then told him that he couldn't celebrate Canada Day and he said that he never did anyway  ... so there.  
We then agreed to disagree ... (he actually just threatened to run me over with a forklift)

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