Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Steak Is Looking At Me Funny

Talk about cracking under the pressure.  This Mexican matador, Christian Hernandez had a choice, either fight the bull or face being arrested for some sort of breach of contract.  He chose going over the wall.  At this point really, who could blame him ...
Not only did he survive a near miss goring of his leg 8 months ago but I'm sure that the nasty bovine skull fucking that the Spanish bullfighter received last month was dipsy-doodling through his head.
You take one look at these guys with the pink and the tights and the long steppy, spinny moves and it conjures up visions of Bugs Bunny and a sombrero (Ok, so no it doesn't. It makes him seem like he's light in the loafers).  Or we tend to think of things like this:

Whether or not you're for or against bullfighting is one thing but there is no denying that it is a very scary endeavor and that takes a strong set 'o' balls to stay in the ring with a very pissed off 1000  or so pound animal.  All I know is that it would take me about a second and a half ('cause I don't think so good) to come to same conclusion that Mr. Hernandez did ... except I'd be going over the wall with my pink tighties all loaded up with a steaming pile of stinky fear.


  1. This had me laughing out loud...thanks!

  2. Awesome ... That's what I'm hoping for.