Thursday, June 24, 2010

If The House Is A Rockin' ... Um ... Er ... You Might As Well Knock ... Not Much Is A Happenin'

At exactly 1:41:41 yesterday I sat through the earthquake that gave parts of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec a bit of a rumble.  It even sent most of the people of downtown Ottawa scurrying into the streets.
City map
Obviously, the short 1000 finger massage we received doesn't rank very high on the list of nasty shaky things, but for someone whose list of weathery, freaky, natural environment-type experiences consists of an ice storm and some crappy snow storms(and something in '88 that I don't can't seem to remember), yesterday's quake was enough to get the old ladies' a gaggling.  Although it didn't have me running into the streets, I will admit that as soon as the rumbling started, I was up off my ass and wandering around, giving it a good, "Who, What, Where, What ... Did you feel that? ... I felt it ... Did you feel that? ... I sure did ... Are you sure you felt it? ... An earthquake ... Cool ... You felt it, Right?"

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