Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weak Midweek Weekend Roundup

The family went to a friend’s house for the first official BBQ of the season. Now that I'm in my 40's it somehow seems less wrong to spring some happy wood because of a lovingly prepared rib steak.

In stark contrast to the 'feastival' on Saturday night, Sunday morning saw a sincere effort, on my part, to give the exercise thing a whirl. I went to a local park with a couple of friends, one who is a weekly runner, one who is training to try a 10 KM run and another who may be classified as doughy, like myself. After trudging up and down a hill for about a baker's dozen times, I came to the not-so-startling realization that I'm way, way left of being in shape. I also got to see a nice, scenic spot where I can plan a heart attack.

Topics of weekend conversation included: how to make hamburger patties with your ass, the million dollar idea known as the "iboob" and the continuing discussion of how to set up the worldwide infiltration of the Horsecoq brand.

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