Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got No Charlie Brown Around Here

I have to admit it was the headline that got me: " Rat found dead in alley in rat-free Alberta". 
Rat-free Alberta? 
Who knew? 
It's not like rat-free was something emblazoned on any of the province's vacation brochures.  My parents have lived in Alberta for going on 6 years now and for some reason this information is kinda kept under wraps. 
Is it an ugly period in Alberta's history that the locals keep to themselves?
When did this rodent genocide take place?

I know that rats don't do very well in popularity contests but to snuff them out completely seems harsh and impressive all at the same time.
In a province with a healthy dose of cow shit and cereal products it must have taken some extremely motivated individuals to rid the land of the sneaky rodent.  A Rambo Pied Piper perhaps...
The rat-free moniker seems to be some serious business to the Albertan government 'cause they gave this suspicious rat death the full-on C.S.I. treatment.  They've even gone so far as to set up monitoring for the area where the offending corpse was found and a rat hotline (pun included). 
Rats: wanted dead or alive.

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