Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was one of those "couple 'o' days" that screamed low key. The order of the weekend was ... nothing. (O.K., the wife and I ended up cleaning some junk outa the basement for a few hours but I’m hoping not to count it as "something I did last weekend."

On Saturday morning I did get rousted by my buddies to join in the "2nd Memorial Attempt At Getting Some Exercise Thingy". It went well ( nobody had to carry me ). We (mostly I just tried to survive) managed to hike (mosey) for 8.5 km ( I'm counting every foot/meter ) in like 2 or so hours. Then we celebrated by ordering deliciously disgusting steak and cheese subs for lunch ( The delivery guy even dropped a "Whoa dude! That's a whole lot of food.")
It was a very yin/yang moment for the boys.

Topics of conversation included Paul Simon and the fact that he (well ... his music and more specifically the Graceland album) apparently has the ability grow on a person ... kinda like the onset of herpes. There was also the chat about HervĂ© Villechaize and how, in certain instances, he could increase one's manhood.  And ohhhh yeah, the subs...

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