Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For a brief change I'm gonna fire a nugget of seriousness across the bow.

Currently, my wife is reading Theoren Fleury's autobiography, Playing With Fire. Every once in a while she'll read to me one of the interesting facts or crazy 'adventures' that strike her as extraordinary. She's also read to me some of the awful shit that was inflicted on him by his then coach Graham James. As ugly as they may be on their own, the events in the book were given extra weight by the recent revelation of James' pardon by the National Parole Board for his conviction for the sexual assault of two of his teenaged players.

That just fucking blows...

"A pardon can make it easier for a convict who has turned their life around to get a job and travel abroad. The board says that helps not just the offender, but society."
WOO HOO... Honestly, I don't give a shit.  Really ... are we worried about putting a crimp in James' vacation plans?

It would be nice to be a little bit more eloquent with respect to this story but I suspect that this was the kind of reaction most people had when they heard about this crap. I realize that, at the end of the day, nothing in this story affects me personally but the whole idea of the amount of, and ease that, pardons are handed out does nothing but take another chunk out of the confidence we have for our government systems. Or any fucking system if I think about it.

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