Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tigernator Salvation

I figured today was a good day to throw my two cents into the ring.  So here we go ...

First off, I don't overly give too much of a shit what happens in Tiger's private life.  It obviously doesn't affect me in any sort of way (other than a few chuckles and the jealous watching the rich guy burn sort of thing) and so, at the end of the day, if I can't see it on t.v. or the internet, it really doesn't matter who he's bangin'. 
I do have an opinion though, mostly 'cause I try not to live under a rock and Tiger and his saucy story are pretty much everywhere.
This is kinda how I see it ... He was born,  he got very good at something, made lots of money, got really famous, made some more money, married out of his attractiveness level, made even more money, felt entitled and then he banged a whole bunch of chicks.  It's happened before with other people and it will certainly happen again.  He's a guy.  The whole money/fame thing is just the most effective way for him to get into hot chicks' pants.

Is it me, or does Tiger look like a guy that just lost his favorite toy ... or boobies ...
The three questions that are asked by Earl Woods in the commercial can be pretty much answered by the line: " I love dirty naked chicks!"

I also found it rather funny and just a bit ironic when Billy Payne, the chairman of Augusta National, bitches about how "Tiger disappointed us all" and how "he forgot that with fame and fortune comes responibility".  This is ridiculous coming from a guy who heads a golf club that is chock full of very rich and probably very influential people who only let African-Americans join in 1991 and who still won't let women into the club.  You can almost see what's going through his head, "See, I knew if we let the blacks through the gate we'd be puttin' up with this sort 'o' crap. On top of everything he's a Buddhist too, what in tarnation are we goin' to have to put up with next?"
"Gollllllly!!!  If we only had some more Jacks and Arnolds then everything would just be as right as rain."

You know when people yell," Get in the hole", after Tiger tees off.  I guess that's gonna have a whole new meaning now ...




  2. That one is so funny I had to watch it again!

  3. No fuckin kidding!!
    Talk about nailing it(pun intended)