Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes America, You Were Right.

After watching all the festivities that made up the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, I was struck by one giant revelation ... America is right about us Canadians. 

We do all live in igloos (or some form of hut);  we drive caribou (caribous?!?) to work;  our recreation consists of running screaming through field or forest;  we eat nothing but poutine, maple syrup, and beer;  our greatest accompishments are snow and canadian bacon (whatever the fuck that is);   it is winter, or some form of it, all year long;  and we are a large, friendly, cohesive nation of fiddlers (I guess they forgot my fiddling pedigree on my birth certificate);  and the tuque is a religious artifact the brings us closer to our snow gods (thanks Mr. Fox)!

"EH"... Don't leave home without it.

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