Monday, March 15, 2010

Time To Self Assess Myself

  A couple of friends came over on Saturday night for a fondue dinner to celebrate a buddies' birthday. Some of the main topics of conversation included: The pros and cons of sitting while peeing (indoor and outdoor), the horror of developing runners' bleeding nipples and how to fit a 21 gun salute into a wedding ceremony (we currently own 2 BB guns between all of us). There was a forth topic but my wife has insisted vehemently that it was something way too inappropriate for public consumption.
I'm beginning to wonder if my friends are a bad influence...


  1. Real men eat fodue?

    Bag balm for runner's bleeding nipples. Also works on cyclist's bleeding nut sacks.... or so I've heard.

  2. Fondue ... cheese, meat, open flame what's not to like?
    Do real men like saying the words bag balm?

  3. Uh, fondue? cheese, lean meat, little tiny forks and a lot of "oops! Sorry, I dropped my teeny weeny piece of meat... just a minute love.... got it. I'm stuffed. Let's bring out the individual tiramisu. No sharzies".

    Real men eat bag bag.

  4. Oh Yeah ... well we didn't have tiramisu, we went all the way and finished with a chocolate fondue... a very manly chocolate fondue... we didn't even wash the fruit and I'm pretty sure that I didn't hear one single please or thank you the whole time.

  5. Ok then. Maybe you should beef up the story with "...and then I stabbed him with my fondue pitch fork and he laughed before picking up my tv and going home."

  6. And thanks for the link. Be sure to comment. We appreciate the intelligent ones.