Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings ... My Ass

 Here's another little nugget of information that I wish to put out there for everyone's benefit. I realize that at this time of year complaining about the loss of the hour of sleep is basically digging up the horse corpse to go a few more rounds but I'm gonna grab the shovel anyway.
Folks, I found out the hard way, that executing a proper hangover recovery is a really tough proposition when you discover that the one hour and 3 minutes of sleep time that you still had in the bank before you had to get ready to take the kids to the old timers hockey game had suddenly melted into 3. (Also of note: nagging children do not show compassion in this type of an instance)
Although the benefit of having the extra hour of sunlight for the next six months would seem to far outweigh the extra hour of sleep(recovery time), my friggin' head hurt too much to really give a shit. (Note #2 Advance planning in all facets of this dilemma would probably have served me better)
In other words, don't drink too much on the eve of Daylight Savings when you gotta take the kids some place at some time that resembles something like Sunday noonish.

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