Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This past weekend was filled with a bunch of get-togethers with friends.  One of them was that I got to try Canada's other sport, curling, for the second time in my life.  While it was a good time, I gotta say that 95% of my energy, both mental and phsical, was spent on trying not to pull something in my groin.  Everyone figures that they're fairly coordinated until they gotta mosey around on the ice with one shoe sporting a base of teflon.  There's just something so primally funny about watching your friends slip and fall on their ass.

Some of the topics of conversation throughout the weekend included : sex dolls for dogs, the medicinal uses for limes and the obvious advantages for the every day wearing of adult diapers.

1 comment:

  1. Imagine a world... where everyone always wore a diaper....

    I have often found myself about to embark upon whatever journey is striking my fancy at the moment (today it was figuring our which capacitor failed in some networking equipment) and, without fail, I have to pee at that exact moment; it spoils the momentum.

    That the thought crossed my mind about yesterday's debate...

    Says enough.