Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Against my better judgement I checked out the trailer for the movie Marmaduke.  I'll share the pain ...

The screwiest problem that I see, besides the movie itself, is that the movie is rated "PG: Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children".

W... T... F...

Who in the hell is their target audience?!!?
It's Marmaduke ... A big fuckin talking dog!!!  With a shitload of other talking dogs.
Are the producers shooting for the over 35, bacon eating crowd? ... The after-dinner with wine groups?

In a few weeks are we gonna get the red band trailer that includes the scenes where Marmaduke, crushed by his failure in Hollywood to break into the sitcom circuit, develops a crack habit and descends into the life of a prostitute?  Then finally, in a cocaine infused haze, he snaps dealing death to the unwary dogs, who only moments before were enjoying a robust session of line dancing.  The unpleasant movie finally ending with Marmaduke's incarceration and eventual murder in some gang related incident.

Oh ...I get it ... They're not looking to make money.  They're waiting on that special call from Oscar.

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