Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday: Bingo And Death Metal Night

The other morning I was watching the show Private Sessions on A&E.  The featured artist was Hall and Oats and they were playing a selection of their hits.  As I watched, I said to my wife, " You know, for some odd reason I have always liked Hall and Oats.  It might be cool if we were to get the boxed set of all of their music".
My next thought was then "I'm an old fucker...".
That then got me wondering...What kind of music am I going to be listening to when I'm 65, an even older fucker?
Right now, I would assume, the vast majority of the seniors homes are ripe with the sounds from old doo wops and sock hops.
Now think about it, every generation seems to lock in for life the music that spoke to their teenage angst.  For me that would be 80's Alternative and New Wave. 
So I'm thinking:  am I gonna be spending my golden years sportin' an adult diaper and a Flock Of Seagulls wig?
In 30 years are the rest homes of Scandinavia ( a hotbed of 90's Death Metal) gonna be filled with the soothing sounds of Dismember or Visceral Bleeding? 
Seriously , what about Gangsta Rap and meatloaf Mondays?

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  1. It's all going to be very ugly as I belt out highway to hell and then signal the nurse for a Depends change.

    Glad Ted made me check out your blog. You can find me over at FourHabsFans. We swear over there too.