Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Drow Is Better Than Your Drow

I gotta admit that the "15 year old D & D playing geek" in me thinks that this is almost the most awesome thing that could have ever been invented.
Then there's the "guy who grew out of it and managed to get laid" side. 
I know that this is gonna be an obvious comment but I'm gonna go there anyway... 
I looked around online at the Microsoft Surface and the thing that stuck out most was the fact that the bloody thing cost around $12000.  I know that if at any stage during my life I came into a disposable chunk o' cash like that, (after the age of 12 'cause before that I woulda blown it on hockey cards and Kiss Army stuff) there is no way I would have dropped it on something that further reduced my chance at any significant human female contact (my wife included).
I'm no math whiz, but an amount like that would pretty much assure getting some kind of chick-friendly car and at least 1 hooker or an OK weekend in Vegas.

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