Monday, February 1, 2010

The Day I Grew Up

So, the other day I was watching TV and checking out the Videotron's onscreen guide for movies that were gonna be on The Movie Network and I came across a little film called Donkey Punch. Thinking that the name was kinda cool and not knowing anything about the movie I decided to Google it to find out more info (the info from Videotron is crap).

There ended my innocence...

The first 2 results were from Wikipedia, and the second one was about the movie. #1 was something that thankfully doesn't involve donkeys in any way.

I'll let everyone find out for themselves what #1 was.

My thoughts were this:

What was going through the dudes head when he came up with this idea? Was there any pre-game research involved? Was this an accidental discovery... like was the guy swatting a fly and them a wham followed by an oh baby?

I am getting too old...

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