Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Obviously, there's no two ways about it, this shit is nothing but cool.

Ok, so this is a commercial that has been set up and edited to look like it is fluid and spontaneous but at the end of the day these guys are still performing the stunts.  Again, I realize that this is coming from a 43yr old fart sitting behind a computer BUT these guys are just one lazy handyman away from ending up dead.  
You always seem to have these extreme sports guys and stuntmen type dudes who prattle on and on about how safe their particular sport is because they are professionals that have scientifically anticipated every possible outcome and how awesome their fail-proof equipment is.  This usually happens about a week before they end up smushed.  
Seriously, the margin for error with all these things is so tiny that sooner or later the 'human' effect is gonna slam into play with the obviously horrible consequences.  Remember the last time you tripped walking up the stairs ... or bit the inside of your mouth fricken chewing and we do that easily every day.  
Hey shit happens ... but when you jump off a cliff with a tiny parachute enough times, eventually you're gonna end up eating it.

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