Monday, August 2, 2010

OK, so here's how last Saturday went:

  • Woke up (kinda a given)
  • Headed to one friend's place for 10 am
  • Another friend picked us up
  • The 3 of us drove 2 hrs to Ottawa to go pick up a keyboard
  • Got slightly lost when our GPS lied to us
  • Ended up with a keyboard, a box of booze bottles (of various levels) and 3 cans of maple syrup
  • Bought 9 bottles of wine
  • Almost went to a Don Cherry's restaurant
  • Left Ottawa
  • Drove 1 1/2 hrs looking for a roadside vegetable stand so we could buy corn
  • Found corn. Bought corn
  • Found roadside KFC
  • Cured biannual KFC craving
  • Returned to friend's house
  • Left again to buy propane
  • Dude who filled propane tanks was sporting a company shirt that was way too small, tight black pants and cheesy loafers that were way too white.
  • Returned to friend's house
  • Other friend complained that Pam cooking spray was used on the 'whatever wandered into to factory' hot dogs.  We compared the chemicals in Pam and hot dogs.  Hot dogs won.
  • Ate hot dogs with bacon
  • Yelled at a skunk (would have preferred to chase it off with a BB gun but that's another story)
  • Went home (with wine and maple syrup)

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