Thursday, August 19, 2010

HO ... HUM ... SIGH ... Gurgle

Yes, Virginia there has been a definite lack of blog postings lately ... Here's my lame excuse as to why:
It all started (yes I'm gonna begin it like that) on Wednesday, August the 11th.  Early in the morning, I, my two sons and my good buddy set off eagerly for a small town in New Brunswick to attend the latter good buddies' wedding.  All went well.  Fast forward to Thursday.  At various point during the day I got dizzy.  Friday we went golfing ... also dizzy. Saturday, I was the best man at the wedding (which was wonderful) and as such I, along with the whole wedding party, sat through a shitload of wedding pictures taken during what seemed like he hottest day in New Brunswick history.(I know that it sounds a bit pissy of me but hey I was still feeling like crap).  I don't know what was up but I spent Saturday night suffering through the worst non-alcoholic induced hangover-like episode that I had ever even been close to.  It was full of spinning rooms, dry heaves and praying to the almighty.
Fast forward again, and after plenty of daytime sleeping, another long ten hour drive home and a trip to the doctor, I am here to declare that my meager reason for being postless has a name ... and that name is Labrynthitis.  It is an infection or swelling in the middle ear and it's screwing with my balance and making me feel woozy and not to keen on doing too much.(I know that I threw 3 and into that last sentence but hey sue me ...I still feel crappy ...and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and)
I the coming days I'm gonna try and post more but it's all gonna depend on how I'm feeling.
( I did manage to get through my best-man's-speech without yacking or falling down ... Yay Me ... small victories, small victories ...)

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