Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bacon : It's God's Work

Go ahead, read this article: "Cold Cuts Could Cause Cancer: Study" (by the way, which word doesn't belong?? Take in all the doom and gloom, absorb all the foreboding darkness gleaned from partaking in the Bologna, Pastrami and Pimento Loaf. 
"Already linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers, including cancer of the pancreas, red meat was found by a team of US researchers to be a possible cause of bladder cancer, a study published in the journal Cancer said.""The culprits in the cold cuts are nitrates and nitrites which are added to meat when it is processed to preserve and enhance color and flavor." 

Me ... This is what I read: "For those who can't do without their bacon-cheeseburger, some good news: scientists found no associations between beef, bacon, hamburger, sausage or steak and bladder cancer."

YAY Bacon!!  You're such a good boy!! ... Yes you are ... Yes you are ... You know you're Daddy's favorite!!

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