Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Wonder If He Yelled "Geronimo"?

Here's the story:
The short of it is that a 22 year old New York dude took a 40 storey nosedive onto a parked car and survived. No one, as of yet, knows why it happened.
The thing that gets me it that only three years earlier some guy in New York fell 47 stories and lived.  In other words, the first guy didn't even break any sort of record.    He'll never be THE GUY when people say, "Remember that guy who fell out of the building in New York ..." Nobody wonders about second place.
You'd think that if it was indeed an intentional fall that he would have checked with Guinness first to see what the records were. (Obviously , if the fall was accidental, the whole Guinness thing would be forgiven ... although it never hurts to be prepared ... just sayin')

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