Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh September, Where For Art Thou (or Somethin', Somethin')

Wow, it's September 30th already, the fall seems to be chugging along with a racing pace as usual. As I bitched about previously, my summer pretty much did a face plant in the crappy zone, and so I was hoping that the fall would do some making up for it. (So far weather not cooperating)
Every year it seems that I make the same proclamation (to which my wife agrees I might add...) :" I really, really don't want THIS September to get away from us" ... Unfortunatley that grand statement never really seems to do any good.  I blame the children.
Seriously, every year it's the same old song and dance, the 'back to school' ballet starts at the end of August (way too early) and that makes the summer seem too short.  That just adds a few more bricks to the kids 'I don't wanna go back to school' wall.  As a consequence the children spend much of September and some of October pretending like the whole school thing is some sort of new alien occurrence.  
Breakfast at 7:15 am ... What the hell is that?
Get ready for school ... I don't know where anything is?
We gotta get going ... Lollygagging 101
Time for homework ... Since when or I'm not sure if I have any
Time for Bed ... I'm really not ti ....ZZZZZZZ
Rince and repeat...
September is a grind.  We spend so much of the week trying to shoehorn the kids back into their school life, and couple that with the runaround burnout that the weekend then becomes; an voila: we get a lost month (if we're lucky). (Never you mind the crap added by sports and activities)
I'm pretty much just waiting around until it's my turn to show up on the show "Intervention".

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