Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Tis The Season For Giving

Ahh, the middle of September, the weather's starting to head over to the dark side, the kids are back in school, the fall foliage is about to pop and Thanksgiving (in Canada) is just around the corner.  The real marker for me that the fall season is upon us is the delivery of the temporary Halloween store flyer that's chock'o'block full of the 'slutty' costumes.
For instance:                     
The Slutty Angel                The Slutty Fireman             The Slutty Jason
Angel Dress Xl                Backdraft Babe Lg                    Miss Voorhies Adult Sm

The Sassy Tonto (I shit you not)(Sassy=code for slutty)                  
Sassy Tonto Adult 12-14          

I'm sure that this stuff will keep chugging along until Slutty Santa ushers in the Christmas season ...
Velvet Underwire Bustier Garter

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