Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Attention: Bitching Zone Ahead

Yes, it's Tuesday, September 7, and for all intents and purposes the Summer of 2010 is over.
Good riddance Motherfucker!!!
Yes, my summer did SUCK!!
I spent most of it sick with some form of a cold or flu and their fun little side effects (Dizzy, Sneezy, Stuffy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Achy and Diarrhea).  
Then there was the weather (I'm over 40 so it's a prerequisite that I bitch about the weather).  For those brief 15 minutes here and there when I wasn't sick, It was so friggin' hot out that it was nearly impossible to leave the house during daylight hours.  Once I accidentally bumped into a sheet of plastic and almost got sucked onto it because of all the humidity.
Then there was the whole dizzy thing that completely fubared my participation in my friend's wedding.
I never got to go camping with my kids.(Caution: I may be descending into self pity)
I wasn't able to exercise like I was planning ( That one I may let slide)
There was no big family vacation.
I didn't go into the 'big city' to try any new restaurants.
There was no deep fry event.
My alcohol consumption was way down.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my basement flooded again.  At first we thought that it was some kind of a crack in the foundation so we moved out the furniture, tore apart the wall and  pulled up the carpet only to discover(with the help of a foundation company) that it really wasn't the foundation after all.  In fact, it was just some outside leak that was easily fixed. So, now I'm going on 2 months with my basement fucked up and no idea when it's gonna get fixed (thanks insurance company).
After every long winter there always seems to be the inevitable high expectations for the following Summer and after last year's Summer 'o' rain, the expectations for this one were extra high.  To say that I am disappointed is something of an understatement.
It's a genuinely scary thing when you have to pin your hopes on the Fall and Winter to be the saviors of your year.
Here goes nothin'...

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