Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ya, Ya, Ya, Sure ... Crazy Talk ... That's it ...

I'm telling ya ... the signs are doing nothing but screaming out ... Whenever I get finished with writing this blog, there's gonna be a crapload of evidence (Ok, less evidency type stuff and more ranty, opinionated stuff) left that is gonna be a glaring slap in the face ... As I've said before ...(Dum Dum Dum and dramatic pause)

The animals have it in for us or The animals are plotting our downfall.

Seriously ... read these latest 2 headlines and stories:
Mountain Goat Suspected In Death Of US Hiker
Car-Eating Rabbits Invade Denver Airport
Call me crazy will ya ... HA ... HA
We'll all rue the day I say ... rue it ... (cue the crazy cackling old guy laughter)

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