Wednesday, October 6, 2010

State Of The Union Thingy

Ok, so here we are, it's Wednesday October the 6, and I feeling the urge to recap or something:
In the minor department, last night I watched "Iron Man 2". I'm usually pretty good for keeping on top of all the latest movies (that I want to see) when they come out.  In this instance I'll blame either The Wife or the kids.  They obviously must have somehow kept me busy on the particular Friday night that my little gaggle of friends went out to see the movie.  Now that I've seen it, all I can say is "meh".  I'm guessing that for a comic book action movie, it would probably be a good idea to have a bunch of that stuff called 'ACTION'.  I'm just sayin'...

Today, the final chapter in the basement saga ended...the carpet got cleaned (yeah I know...anticlimactic). WooHoo 3 months later and I now have my basement back.  Once it got started, everything rolled along pretty quickly and efficiently and that was awesome.  But ... I gotta say one thing ... painters suck.  (I have no problem saying that 'cause I used to be one) First off, the job from beginning to end wasn't large nor difficult (I even considered doing it myself) it wasn't gonna take any of the pros a very long time.  All the other trade did pretty decent work ... then there's the painters.  I could easily tell that their work was of the 'lets do the absolute minimum we can get away with' kind.  Thanks assholes...  I gotta say that I'm really not interested in having the same painters come back to fix their crap so all I can do is tell the insurance company to not pay them and then redo the work myself.  The basement floods and no matter what, I end up repainting the friggin' thing.  It's amazing that people wonder why I'm such a crabby bastard.

I'm gonna have to start going Halloween costume shopping with the kids soon. That's basically comprised of them asking for something and me saying "No, they don't make kind of Halloween costume" about 47 times in a row until one of them caves and gets something that they don't really, really want to be...and then I gotta buy candy.

On the up side, I am looking forward to this weekends deep fry-o-licious event known as Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian for those of you playing the home version).  The kids have a 4-day weekend (Man, when I was a kid, we had to do Thanksgiving walking backwards uphill with a drunk family member ... 4 days ... pampered little ...)

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