Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last Friday my computer decided to crap itself into oblivion (I'm listing toward the hyperbole this mornin').  It got the shakes and googly eyes and then just shut down with a "Please insert the Windows CD to restore everything" kinda 'meany' screen. 
I then got the sweats ...
You know, being 43 yr. old crusty guy, I like to tell myself that I'm more in touch with the old ways, the ways that like to build stuff out of wood and duct tape.  The ways that drive extra Kilometers out of the way to save a penny-a-liter on gas.  
I've even started to integrate a whole lot of "Those damn kids" and " Hey you, get off my lawn" into my daily life.  I honestly never really saw myself as someone who was greatly dependent on "The Technology"... (computer, Blackberry and iPod Touch notwithstanding)  I was livin' it old school in suburbia.
Then one of the babies died ...
Holy crap, what a downer, I wasn't so much just dipping my toes into the lake, as much as kinda treading water. Hello, my name is Edfoot, and we have a problem ...
Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick ... The next few days were spent with loading and reloading, some crying, some cursing and some necessary hugging.  We were checking on pictures, songs, bookmarks, recipes and documents, and to varying degrees some were lost for good.  It's really a swift kick in the johnson all wrapped up with a wake up call when something like this happens.  And at the end of the day, in retrospect, it was a relatively minor occurrence.  The computer is back up and running and except for a few items here and there, most of the important stuff was recovered but man what could have been ... It really makes you see how much of our lives we plunk on to this 'machine' and how we gotta be a little bit more diligent in protecting the important stuff.
Or maybe we should just print the photos, write out the recipes, print out the documents, and realize that, in this instance, being backed up is a wonderful thing.

P.S.  I was trying out this new picture for the Blog Title and deciding whether I really liked it or not buuutttt since I've lost the old ones, we're kinda stuck with it for now.

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