Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's I'm Feeling Weird Day

Now that you've seen it, I'm guessing you're thinking "What's wrong with him?!?"
My only answer is that I saw this a while back and had it kicking around in my bookmarks waiting to think of something I could say about it.  What the hell can you say about it ...
It's from a movie "Female Ninja Magic Chronicles 3" and here's a review I found on IMDb:

Many films fail as a whole yet must be seen for a few creative elements. This is truer for the horror and exploitation genres where a cool death scene or a nasty rape scene can make an otherwise bland flick. Female Ninja Magic Chronicles 3 (supposedly the best of the series, but I'll never know because I won't bother trying to track down the rest) has a really cool gimmick, but even though the rest of the film is filled with softcore sex, a wacky plot, and gay jokes, the magic tricks are all you'll remember.

An aging ruler with no male heir can't get an erection anymore. To combat this, a group of female ninjas are tasked with getting this sacred text of sexual positions from a guy who doesn't want to give it up, thinking it will help Ol' Limpy. Woo hoo, that's pretty wacky in and of itself, but WAIT! THERE'S MORE! The female ninjas each used different magic tricks. One could make her hair grow and strangle people plus she shot silk webbing out of her love canal. One had acid breast milk that melted a guy. One had poison soap bubbles, aka "Vagina Bubbles From Hell." Plus the female ninjas can talk to each other over distances using ECHO. Wow! Ya don't say...

Anyway, aside from the magic tricks the sex scenes are dull, the storyline is nonsensical and meandering, and all in all it's a just plain stupid movie. Of course, it still gets my recommendation.

Yes , you heard/read/saw it right ... Poison Vagina Bubbles...How do you top that for weirdness? ...

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