Friday, May 28, 2010

Who's To Judge

There I was yesterday driving down one of the main boulevards near where I live, after having (thank the lord) dropped the kids off at school, when I spotted him ... it ...??  I kinda wish that I had a picture in order to share the love but hey, I was driving.  
Now to set the scene, it was a beautiful sunny morning, hot without being crazy-hot and with a slight wind that carried on it's shoulders the coolness of the night before.  I had the music playing, the windows rolled down, the smell of lobster momentarily banished from the car (another story), it was a slice.  There he was, on the opposite sidewalk walking northbound to my southbound.  
The acckkkk moment hit when I noticed that he was wearing one of those very, very large holed mesh wife beaters and seemingly sporting it with pride, beer belly and all.  The horrible kicker to this little story is that the innocent breeze had awakened him, so to speak.  Oh yeah, Mr. Giant Salami Nipples was giving a full indication of the direction he was heading ... two times even.  He almost looked like he should have been wearing one of those Madonna type bras from the 90's.
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
I don't know if asking WTF is even enough.

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