Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Bummer

Here's a quick tally of the events of the last  ... oooo let's say the last month:
1 nasty bout with the flu
1 a little go with pneumonia
1 shitty cold
1 son with a cold
1 son with strep throat
1 same son with the double ender stomach flu
1 wife with a really bad case of the stomach flu which resulted in her missing a friend's engagement party
1 dog that freaked us out by developing old dog canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome (I just love having to give medication to my dog ... who wants no part in the getting of the medication)    It also caused me to miss going out for my birthday dinner ... ggrrrr
1 year older
1 front porch that a skunk took a particular liking to (also includes a running battle in the middle of the day with me armed with a garden hose and the skunk sporting her skunk stuff)
1 busted heat pump
1 mother and 1 sister that came to visit for a week
1 month spent in the house working on a whopper of a case of cabin fever

For some reason I say "Fuck" a whole lot more that I used to ...

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