Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Energy

I may have stumbled on to the answer to the world's energy problems. Dog Vomit.
The other day I gave my dog exactly 1 and 1/2 cups of dog food (her usual amount... although I did experiment with a new brand) and she was in turn able to transform that small amount of dry dog food into what seemed like 25 cups of steaming dog puke. While I was cleaning up the mess two words popped into my head: Free Energy. She was like some kind of fission reactor. More came out than what was put in. Wow-with little to no effort on my part I was able to at least decuple(I had to look that word up) the amount of what I put in. Quite a significant return on investment I would think. It brought a tear to my eye.

There may be some issues with things like: number of successful barfing attempts (7), Total length of barfing session (4hrs), time of day (midnight to 4a.m.), destination (the living room) and so on. Although the combustability of dog yak has yet to be quantified, these are problems that I would assume could be ironed out by the science types.

Imagine a world with off the grid self sufficient homes, dog vomit powered cars and puke reliant manufacturing etc... all made possible by the super efficient family pet.

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  1. I love dog puke, it reminds me to post some of baney and moes puke shots! stay tuned...